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“If you want to be a good healer, a complete healer and not just a practitioner of a technique, you must learn how to get a transformation and health with modalities in each of the five basic human levels of the client..."

Jerome Gross

  • Director of EFFULGENCE
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Energy Medicine
  • Meditation Teacher
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • with over 15 years of experience


(619) 884 2662

Enlightened Ways of Being Guided Meditations

5 day online meditation course. $25


This course is a foundation for the Enlightened Way of Being Energetics and Meditation Training at the retreat. If you are interested in the Enlightened Way of Being Techniques then you are welcome to purchase the course whether or not you plan attend the retreat.

Watch FREE Sample Meditation Video

Yoga with Jerome

New 3 Online Yoga Videos.

Guided Video Meditation

A Guided description of An Enlightened Way of Being Through the Breath.




Yoga for Strength and Balance.

Yoga for flexibility and releasing stress to prepare for meditation.

Free Form Yoga to let the soul speak through the language of Raw Authentic Movement to connect to your bodies ability to heal and balance mind body and spirit.



For more information or to purchase 5 Day Online Course

and Meditation Training & Mind Body Spirit Fitness and Wellness Retreat.

track drills

Fun Promotion Video for Speed Development Coaching, Running Group and Bootcamp.


6:30am Interval Speed Training and  7:15am Tidelands Park Bootcamp

Jerome GrosS   (619) 884 2662    mindbodyfitnesssd@gmail.com

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