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What is the Energetic Healers Network Gathering?

All are welcome to a gathering of All Practitioners of Energetics:


-Do you want to strengthen and get better at energy healing?

-Learn and experience variety of traditions of energy medicine.

-Do want a place to practice giving and receive energy healing.

-Be part of this energetic master mind group that will send corrections to your energy field to improve your health, fitness performance, relationships, career business performance, and expand spiritual awareness.

-Enlightened Ways of Being Energetics


-SRT Spiritual Response Technique

-Yuen Method

-Matrix Energetics

-Pranic Healing

-EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

And others

The intention of this gathering is to provide a place where interested people and practitioners of energy medicine from various traditions and influences can....

  • Expand awareness and acknowledge the unity of various energy medicine techniques that relieve pain, stress and remove blocks in health, fitness, performance, relationships, business/ finances, spirituality and life purpose.
  • Spiritually grow and sharpen your skills of energy medicine.
  • Deepen your connection to Divine Source through this holistic practice.

Learn new skills and ways to heal yourself and others with energy medicine.

And Receive mini energetic sessions.


Suggested Donation $15 but Please come even if you don't have it. And someone can do energetic corrections when you come to remove those financial issues.


The $15 donation Also covers the 6:45pm Yoga Class if you would like to attend prior to the 8:00pm Energetic Healers Network Gathering.

Practitioners that are hosting:

| Jerome Gross

Founder of Enlightened Ways of Being Energetics and Meditation Training


Jerome the host is on INSTAGRAM as @mindbodyfitnessSD and FACEBOOK as Jerome Gross and Mind Body Fitness Yoga and Meditation with Jerome


| Rev. Marcella Jones

Certified in Yuen Method of Energetics


| Brigette Taylor

Certified Reiki master

Rev. Marcella Jones.

Presenter along with Jerome Gross  Enlightened Way of Being Energetics.

Has been teaching Energetic Medicine for over 15 years. Currently holds monthly the Healers Network and Spiritual Gathering at the Love and Light Healing Center. She sees private clients in person and by distance healing in phone sessions.

Rev. Marcella Jones will share her mastery of healing on the quantum level and applying the Enlightened Way of Being Energetic Technique to get results. She blends the awareness of anatomy, physiology, and quantum physics assisted by intuitively scanning one's field of energy to produce radical, instantaneous, and healthy changes in an individual.

Jennifer Demarco

Fitness and yoga instructor at the Mind Body Spirit Retreat.

BS Exercise Physiology  BA Physical Education  MS Health Education

Current Faculty member in Exercise Science and Wellness, Grossmont College and Southwestern College Developed “YOGA” curriculum in both departments, and it is doing GREAT at both campuses!

I have been part of the fitness and yoga staffs at the Golden Door and Rancho la Puerta since 1991. My teacher training originally was done through Yoga Works in Santa Monica, and has continued through the weekly visiting instructors at the “Door” and the “Ranch” through the present time.


I have been particularly influenced by Swami Veda Bharati and the faculty of the Himalayan Institute from Rishikesh, India. I have also been influenced in my teaching by Dinah Cascolan, who is a GREAT Iyengar yoga instructor in San Diego, and Matias Flury, who is an Ashtanga teacher who taught in San Diego several years ago. Phyllis Pilgrim at Rancho la Puerta has shown me how to live my yoga “off the mat”. I love to combine concepts from both Iyengar Yoga and Astanga Yoga, and I have LOVED every John Friend Anusara workshop that I have attended. I am inspired to teach yoga because it provides a timeless tool, a practice, that gives each person a daily reminder of who they want to be, and HOW they want to be, both “on” and “off” the mat.

Regents La Jolla Luxury Condo Gp ex room

9253 Regents Rd. La Jolla, CA. 92037

June 2nd 7:30pm     Thursday

June 9th  7:30pm     Thursday

Free to Residents.

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month

Energetic Healers Network

8pm to 9:30pm

At Kensington Community Church. 4773 Marlborough Dr. 92116

  • Jerome Gross
  • 619 884-2662
  • mindbodyfitnessSD@gmail.com

The $15 donation also includes the 6:45pm Yoga if interested, prior to the 8:00pm Energetic Healers Network.

VENDORS of jewelry, clothing or have art that would fit this venue and would like a booth RSVP by email call or text and leave your contact info:


listing of locations, Dates, and Times of:

  • Energetic Healers Network. Welcoming everyone wanting to learn about energy medicine, give and/or receive mini sessions.
  • Learn Natural Instant Pain & Stress Elimination Techniques Within A Class Demonstration by Jerome Gross

jerome gross


An adept energy healer can scan your bio energy field, your chakras, meridians, your physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual bodies. With the ability of using various applications of intuition, higher intelligence, intention, imagery we can clear and resolve blocks, limitations and pain from another person without touching the body. We can do this in person or from a remote distance. This is done on the quantum level of our energetic reality. Wether energy healers are trained of this gift or are naturally channeling or both, we are able to cleans and energize the various levels of your being and create an energetic alignment in your mind, body, heart and spirit so you experience and manifest health and wellbeing in all areas of your life.

What is and Energy Healer?

Jerome GrosS   (619) 884 2662    mindbodyfitnesssd@gmail.com

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